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DIGIOP Announces Elements Software, Version 9.5

Contact: Nicole Amsler, DIGIOP
Phone: 317-520-8558

February 26, 2018

(INDIANAPOLIS, IN): DIGIOP, a software development company specializing in video and data solutions for retail and hospitality loss prevention, is pleased to announce our latest release, version 9.5. Current Elements clients, as well as customers currently under a software maintenance agreement, will be able to request the newest version from our support team.

9.5 Features and Improvements includes:


  • Added End User License Agreement
  • Replace Intel IPP Libraries with FFmpeg
  • Updates to Navex template
  • Retail Pro v9 Support

Bug Fixes:

  • Xml Parse not handling multiple root elements
  • Fix PC America driver
  • APG Cash drawer rendering
  • Group not saving correctly after reordering layout
  • Rendered tab layout items showing improper image
  • Connect intermittently becomes unresponsive on video tab closure
  • Export issue across DST
  • Startup profiles in full screen
  • Export across DST boundaries

Version 9.5 will be available on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 . If you have any questions, please contact our support team at


About DIGIOP: DIGIOP is a national software development company specializing in Loss Prevention technology and Auditing services, serving retail customers with a specific focus on convenience stores, quick-casual and quick-serve restaurants, retailers, and specialty stores.

DIGIOP merges video files with multiple data sources, such as POS data and combines it to discover anomalies and present actionable data to business owners. The aggregated data points out inconsistencies, creating an efficient solution for theft and loss identification. 

DIGIOP also offers Loss Prevention services, including auditing, secret shopping, background checks, investigations, and risk assessment.  Our turnkey solution, including Auditing services is a unique offering within our industry. 

If you’d like further information on DIGIOP, please contact Nicole Amsler at 317-520-8558 or

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