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DIGIOP Announces Elements Version 9.6

We are pleased to announce our latest release, version 9.6. Current Elements clients, as well as customers currently under a software maintenance agreement, will be able to request the newest version from our support team.

9.6 Features and Improvements

  • Smart-Search
  • Auto Login and Startup in Connect
  • Integrations
    • Hikvision Driver enhancements
    • Viewz Public View monitor
  • Point Of Sale Enhancements
    • Navex
    • Retalix
    • Retail Pro
  • Advanced Network Configuration Enhancements
    • Custom Endpoints and Ports
    • The ability to disable endpoints

We are pleased to announce the following issues with Elements have been resolved: exports across the Fall DST time change, audio fixes and updates, and custom ports retention.


Please note the IP address for has changed. If you are white listing IP addresses, please contact DIGIOP Support at 1-800-968-3606, option 2.


Version 9.6 will be available on Wednesday, July 11th, 2018. If you have any questions, please contact our support team at

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