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Convenience Stores (C-Stores)

Convenience stores (C-stores) and fuel / gas stations battle complex challenges when it comes to loss prevention. With high staff turnover rate, 24/7 operating hours, and ID verification, the DIGIOP Elements software solution can help C-stores, gas stations, and business owners save both time and money.


Challenges of the C-Store Industry

The convenience store (C-store) and gas station industry faces rising costs, reduced staff during late shifts, and high amounts of cash. With DIGIOP’s unique software, we can help you address the top issues in C-store loss prevention, including:

Verify exceptions for refunds, cash drawer opens, suspended transactions, voids, etc.
Witness cash handling procedures, including shift change cash drawer counts
Monitor cashiers for total sales, abnormalities, suspicious behavior, etc.
Add a layer of security for third shift or late hours
Confirm ID checks on age-restricted purchases
Capture video for legal and insurance needs
Increase productivity

The DIGIOP Solution

DIGIOP offers expertise on loss prevention for convenience stores which:

  • Verifies exceptions
  • Identifies fraud patterns
  • Detects and prevents theft
  • Manages inventory control
  • Deters discount abuse
  • Optimizes your point-of-sale (POS) system
  • Improves productivity
  • Enforces customer service
  • Confirms safety procedures

Eliminating or deterring a single dishonest employee from your C-store can save thousands of dollars. Let DIGIOP show you how to maximize your C-store POS system through video aggregation by scheduling a DEMO today.

C Store

C-stores Specific LP Auditing


  • Age restricted sales
  • Carwash sales
  • Discounts
  • House account sales/ pre-pay
  • Ice cup
  • No sale
  • Refund/returns
  • Safe drop
  • Sales under $1
  • Voids

Operational Audits

  • Age verification audit
  • Back door audit
  • Bank deposit verification
  • Cash control policy verification
  • Cashier count down audit
  • Employee purchases
  • Pastry audit (donut sales)
  • Personal property audit
  • Robbery prevention
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