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Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

Quick service restaurants (QSR) and quick casual restaurants (QCR) face unique challenges in restaurant loss prevention. With high staff turnover rate and increasing food costs, our solution provides restaurants and business owners tools that help control food costs.

Challenges in the Restaurant Industry

The quick service restaurant (QSR) industry faces fierce competition, rising food costs, and increased customer scrutiny. With DIGIOP’s unique software, we address the top issues in QSR loss prevention, including:

Lower food costs and food loss
Verify exceptions and identify fraud patterns
Witness cash handling procedures, including end of day cash drawer counts
Decrease sweethearting
Combating employee discount abuse
Improve wait times

The DIGIOP Solution

DIGIOP offers expertise on loss prevention for quick service restaurants which:

  • Verifies exceptions
  • Identifies fraud patterns
  • Detects and prevents theft
  • Manages inventory control
  • Deters discount abuse
  • Optimizes your point-of-sale (POS) system
  • Improves productivity
  • Enforces customer service
  • Confirms safety procedures

DIGIOP Elements software was created to address challenges faced by quick service and quick casual restaurants (QSR and QCR, respectively). We’d be happy to offer a customized demonstration of the DIGIOP Elements software.

Quick Serve Restaurant

QSR / QCR Specific LP Auditing


  • Cancelled transactions
  • Cash drawer open
  • Coupons/promos/BOGOs
  • Discounts
  • “Don’t Makes”
  • Large / medium / small sales
  • Manager discounts
  • Refund/return
  • Safe drop
  • Sales resulting in $0
  • Voids

Operational Audits

  • Bank deposit verification
  • Bartender audit
  • Cashier count downs
  • Open close audit
  • Employee purchases
  • Personal property audit
  • Risk audit
  • Sales by Server/Bartender
  • Serve Safe Verification
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