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video surveillance

Video Enhanced Surveillance
Dec 6, 2019 | General News

When you reduce theft in your business, you maximize profits. And while reducing theft is a common goal, protecting your business from theft is not an easy feat. There are numerous tips and tricks to reduce theft. But there are only two retail loss prevention tips you need to heed: Invest in loss prevention...Read More 

video surveillance

restaurant loss prevention checklist
Jun 28, 2019 | General News

Creating a restaurant loss prevention checklist is critical for the success of your company. Every year businesses lose millions due to customer and employee theft. If your company wants to avoid losses and drive growth, you’ll need the tools and knowledge to do so. Accountability is the most effective...Read More 

video surveillance

May 29, 2019 | General News

Is there really a right answer to the question “which cameras are right for my business—HD-Analog or IP cameras?” The short answer is yes.   However, the in-depth answer depends on what you need and expect from your camera system. Compelling arguments can easily be made for both options....Read More 

video surveillance

rationale for stealing, excuses for stealing
May 9, 2019 | General News

Whether skimming cash from a register or falsifying records to cover theft, dishonest employees almost always have what they feel is a valid rationalization for their illegal behavior. While there is never a valid reason for employee theft, it’s useful for Loss Prevention professionals, owners, and...Read More 

video surveillance

Time Theft
Apr 3, 2019 | General News

While there are many types of employee theft in the workplace, time fraud can be expensive for your business especially with 43% of workers admitting to time theft. It’s estimated to cost employers more than $400 billion in lost productivity annually. It’s important to understand the different methods...Read More 

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