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Cutting-Edge Data Analysis


The DIGIOP CARBON intuitive dashboard delivers synchronized video and data, efficient data mining, and case management across your whole Enterprise.

DIGIOP CARBON pinpoints loss within your business and highlights areas of non-compliance in store operations.


Analytic Dashboard for Advanced Data Mining
Gain Visibility of Your Entire Enterprise

KPI Reports

Customized KPI Reports

  • Compare metrics across regions
  • Stack rank high performing vs. low performing locations
  • Gain visibility of your entire Enterprise through a single dashboard
  • Drill down on exception data from an enterprise level to see the exact transaction and associated video

Advanced Queries

Advanced Queries

  • Build complex queries to analyze more than just standard exceptions
  • Analyze and view trending data across your Enterprise
  • Get the exact slice of data you need, with video evidence displayed side-by-side

Report Builder

Report Builder

  • Create standard reports or build them on the fly
  • Automated email notifications on specific reports
  • Export information with click of a button
Stop Loss | Identify Risk | Eliminate Theft

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

DIGIOP CARBON synchronizes and stores video and data in the cloud which allows for:

  • Efficient review of multiple stores from a centralized location
  • Rapid review of video when pulled from the cloud, which avoids slow bandwidth at the store level
  • Long-term data storage, providing in-depth trending of your data across sites and regions

Audit Member Performance

Audit Member Performance
Audit the performance of your LP team or managers with daily lists

  • Custom built “to-do” lists
  • Track performance and compliance
  • Easily view the progress of required manager audits and reviews

Enterprise Management

Enterprise Management
Manage your business at the Enterprise level:

  • Organizing by district, region, and store level
  • Assign rights and permissions anywhere within the organizational tree
  • New locations are auto registered to your Enterprise

Case Management

Case Management
DIGIOP CARBON’s Case Management module allows for:

  • Share critical information within your organization, Human Resources, and Law Enforcement
  • Store key video clips and receipt data within the central repository
  • Build and export in one convenient case file


A powerful yet affordable business intelligence tool, DIGIOP CARBON gives you the information you need to stop loss, identify risk, and eliminate theft.

DIGIOP CARBON is a crucial component of your complete Loss Prevention solution, with:

  • quick reporting
  • mobile access
  • cloud hosting
  • easy exporting

Contact us today to schedule a DEMO to see the full capabilities of DIGIOP CARBON.

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