Challenges Within the Retail Industry

Retail operators know that shoplifting erodes their profit margins, but internal theft is a much larger threat. DIGIOP helps control loss by giving you the ability to: 

Identify fraudulent returns

Verify exceptions for refunds, cash drawer opens, suspended transactions, voids, etc.

Monitor cashiers for total sales, transaction abnormalities, suspicious behavior, etc.

Witness cash handling procedures

Review video for a specific time of day

 Track and compare transactions across all stores


The DIGIOP Solution

DIGIOP helps you take control of loss prevention and improve overall operations with:

 Customized exception reports

 Video review of customer service complaints

 Detailed video coverage of high-value items

 Immediate alerts for specific transactions

 Case file creation

 Shoplifter identification

 Promotional offer-tracking

One dishonest employee can cost your business thousands of dollars. Catch internal theft as it happens, with DIGIOP software. Schedule a DEMO today.

Calculate Your ROI Potential with DIGIOP CARBON

Convenience Store
Quick Serve Restaurant
Retail Store
# of locations
Annual revenue per location
Average shrink
* industry average is 1.38% (2018 National Retail Federation)
Average ROI

Your business, your choice.

CARBON? ELEMENTS? Both? You decide which features you need. We’ll do the rest.


The DIGIOP CARBON intuitive dashboard delivers synchronized video and data, efficient data mining, and case management features for your whole enterprise.

  • Identify enterprise trends and drill-down locally
  • Automated daily reviews of critical incidents
  • Streamline investigations with cloud-based video and data
  • Build and manage cases within a single platform
  • Audit reporting for staff compliance


With our cloud-based system, you can access real-time and recorded video from any camera at any of your stores. Isolate actions by video frame, and zoom-in on important details.

  • Enterprise Cloud Management
  • Smart Search
  • Support for IP, HD Analog, and Analog Video Formats
  • Multi-Site Live/Recorded Video
  • Failover Capability

DIGIOP Success with Retail

Retail Success Stories

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