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Convenience Stores

Remotely monitor employee transactions and behavior, and review real-time transaction alerts with accompanying video footage. Pair DIGIOP CARBON with DIGIOP ELEMENTS and access your cloud-based reports from anywhere, anytime.

Proud To Serve

Quick Service Restaurants

See what’s happening in any store location at any time, and reconcile inventory levels with sales. Track individual employee transactions and discount codes, and spot customer service policy violations.

Proud To Serve

Retail Stores

Prevent return fraud, discount abuse, and procedural violations with DIGIOP’s easy-to-read daily reports. Get instant notifications for questionable transactions such as no-receipt returns, or the purchase of high-value items.

Your business, your choice.

CARBON? ELEMENTS? Both? You decide which features you need. We’ll do the rest.


The DIGIOP CARBON intuitive dashboard delivers synchronized video and data, efficient data mining, and case management features for your whole enterprise.

  • Identify enterprise trends and drill-down locally
  • Automated daily reviews of critical incidents
  • Streamline investigations with cloud-based video and data
  • Build and manage cases within a single platform
  • Audit reporting for staff compliance


With our cloud-based system, you can access real-time and recorded video from any camera at any of your stores. Isolate actions by video frame, and zoom-in on important details.

  • Enterprise Cloud Management
  • Smart Search
  • Support for IP, HD Analog, and Analog Video Formats
  • Multi-Site Live/Recorded Video
  • Failover Capability

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Success Stories

August 18, 2020

How DIGIOP CARBON Helps Store Managers Reward Good Behavior

If you’re running an upsell promotion, how do you know whether your cashier made the upsell or whether a customer had already planned on buying...