CARBON Features

Choose Your Data Points


Excessive refunds? An increase in employee discounts? An unusual number of voids? How do you make sense of these transactions?


With DIGIOP CARBON, it's simple.
Specify the exceptions and behaviors that are important to YOU.

Filter out the noise – get daily custom reports including only the exceptions that matter to you.

Reduce review time – managers can review DIGIOP’s daily exception reports in about 20 minutes.

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CARBON Features

Get Real-Time Alerts


One-penny sales? Price overrides? No-sale transactions? How can you review these exceptions in real time?


With DIGIOP CARBON, it's simple.
Analyze questionable transactions the moment they occur.

Receive immediate alerts for specific types of transactions, and review the corresponding footage.

Identify potential theft as it occurs, and zoom-in on the register to see important details.

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CARBON Features

Sync Video and Transactions


Understaffed stores? Decreasing profit margins? Inadequate loss prevention technology? How can store managers detect internal theft?


With DIGIOP CARBON, it's simple.
Don’t waste time searching for footage.

Open an exception in your daily report to see the video footage, and quickly build case files when necessary.

Easily share footage with your loss prevention team, your corporate office, and managers of other locations.

Use DIGIOP’s video sync feature. See how it works.

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CARBON Features

Quickly Review Reports


Mountains of data? Too many details? Ineffective software? How do managers make time to review exceptions?


With DIGIOP CARBON, it's simple.
Give managers the tools they need.

Get only the insights you need – packaged with video footage – every morning, for every location.

Reduce review time to as little as 20 minutes per day for each location.

Increase efficiency with DIGIOP. See it in action.

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Calculate Your ROI Potential with DIGIOP CARBON

# of locations
Annual revenue per location
Average shrink
* industry average is 1.38% (2018 National Retail Federation)
Average ROI

The perfect pair

Get the most functionality out of CARBON when you pair it with DIGIOP ELEMENTS.


Developed as a complement to DIGIOP CARBON, our ELEMENTS software gives you the ability to:

  • View All Video, From Any Camera/Any Location
  • Use Your Smartphone to Access Video
  • Record and Export Video
  • Use Enhanced Video Search Tools (Calendar Search, Thumbnails, and Smart Search)


Get the most value from DIGIOP CARBON and DIGIOP ELEMENTS when you use them in tandem with the best hardware. DIGIOP can help you with:

  • Performance-Built DIGIOP NVR and Hybrid Systems
  • Support for Best-in-Breed IP and HD Analog Cameras
  • ONVIF Integration


CARBON Success Stories

May 6, 2020

DIGIOP CARBON Helps Busy Hardware Store Catch Refund Fraud

The Problem DIGIOP CARBON’s cloud-based data analytics can reduce exception report-review time to about 18 minutes per day, but when you’re short-staffed during peak season,...