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Identify Employee Theft

Employee theft often escapes detection because business owners trust their employees and don’t monitor their actions. But approximately 75% of employees steal from their employer...

Loss Prevention Statistics

When you view loss prevention statistics, it is clear theft poses a major issue for all companies, regardless of size. Armed with knowledge and modern...

Profit Loss: The Tip of the Iceberg

Profitability is the key to success for any business. When you consider 82% of all businesses fail due to poor or negative cash flow, profit loss...

Constructing a Restaurant Loss Prevention Checklist

Creating a restaurant loss prevention checklist is critical for the success of your company. Every year businesses lose millions due to customer and employee theft....

DIGIOP Reveals Improper Inventory Management

Inventory loss (also known as inventory shrinkage) costs the American retail industry over $45 billion annually*. Improper inventory management is a key component of inventory...

Red Flags: Employee Theft at the Cash Register

Shockingly, 33 percent of all businesses go bankrupt due to employee theft*. Laziness and dishonesty can put a significant dent in your cash register’s profitability....

Excuses, Excuses: Rationalizing Employee Theft

Whether skimming cash from a register or falsifying records to cover theft, dishonest employees almost always have what they feel is a valid rationalization for...

Refunds for Cash Scheme Exposed

A casual restaurant recently employed the DIGIOP Loss Prevention team to conduct an audit and review their exception reports. DIGIOP experts were able to expose...

Time is Money: How to Stop Time Theft

While there are many types of employee theft in the workplace, time fraud can be expensive for your business especially with 43% of workers admitting...

Prevent Employee Theft with Cash Protocols

Establishing detailed and thorough cash protocols is key to keeping retail profits and preventing employee theft. Cash management may seem like a basic skill in...
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Your business, your choice.

CARBON? ELEMENTS? Both? You decide which features you need. We’ll do the rest.


The DIGIOP CARBON intuitive dashboard delivers synchronized video and data, efficient data mining, and case management features for your whole enterprise.

  • Identify enterprise trends and drill-down locally
  • Automated daily reviews of critical incidents
  • Streamline investigations with cloud-based video and data
  • Build and manage cases within a single platform
  • Audit reporting for staff compliance


With our cloud-based system, you can access real-time and recorded video from any camera at any of your stores. Isolate actions by video frame, and zoom-in on important details.

  • Enterprise Cloud Management
  • Smart Search
  • Support for IP, HD Analog, and Analog Video Formats
  • Multi-Site Live/Recorded Video
  • Failover Capability

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Success Stories

August 18, 2020

How DIGIOP CARBON Helps Store Managers Reward Good Behavior

If you’re running an upsell promotion, how do you know whether your cashier made the upsell or whether a customer had already planned on buying...