How to Effectively Monitor New Hires

In many retail locations, a store manager might handle initial employee onboarding, but delegate training to one or more senior employees. Managers may not have the time to personally train every new hire and monitor new hire performance every moment they’re working at the cash register. But with DIGIOP CARBON business intelligence software, it’s easy to remotely review new hires’ transactions and check up on customer service protocols. 

These are just a few of the ways DIGIOP can help you evaluate new employees and identify training needs:

Review Relevant Transactions Only

A cashier working third shift might ring only a handful of sales in a night. Rather than waste time fast-forwarding through hours of surveillance footage, you can quickly access a new hire report from your DIGIOP CARBON dashboard and spot-check critical transactions. 

Evaluate Training 

In the high-turnover environment of C-stores, the most “senior employee” training new hires might have just a few months of on-the-job experience. You can review training shift footage to get a sense of whether trainers seem to be engaged in that role. If the trainer isn’t helping your new hire during their first shift at the register, that could be a problem.  

Surveillance camera footage could also help you see where additional training is needed. For example, if your store sells tobacco products or alcohol, you can check footage of those sales to see whether the cashier requested photo ID. 

Compare New Hires by Location

It may take some time for new hires to become proficient at cash register operations, so in their first week, they may have a higher-than-average number of voids. If you have new hires at more than one location, you can compare their transactions and see anomalies in your DIGIOP CARBON dashboard. If one new hire still has several exceptions per shift after a few weeks on the job, you may need to investigate further.  

Improve New Hire Retention

No employee wants to feel like they have no idea what they’re doing. By checking on your new hires remotely, you may be able to spot instances when they seem unsure of what to do. 

Tell new hires in the onboarding process that video surveillance is essential for improving training and for overall store management. And of course, remember to check-in in person with new hires – asking them how they’re adjusting to the job may make them feel appreciated.

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