Normalizing Surveillance Cameras in the Workplace

Retail employees may be accustomed to seeing surveillance cameras on the premises, but they might not know how management uses cameras (or whether managers take time to review surveillance footage). Most employees appreciate managerial transparency, so employers should take time to explain these positive impacts of cameras:

A Safer Environment

When surveillance cameras cover parking lots, store entrances, and cash registers, would-be thieves are less likely to target a store or its employees. If someone is brazen enough to cover their face and commit a robbery, outdoor cameras might catch the crook’s license plate number, or the vehicle make and model. 

Liability Protection

Do your employees know that con artists sometimes stage slip-and-fall incidents so they can sue for damages? Video surveillance that covers the entire store floor deters this type of scheme. 

Overall Store Improvement

By reviewing video of how customers move through a store, managers may see opportunities for improvements in traffic flow or merchandise placement. Video can also help managers detect shoplifting or identify areas where merchandise may be vulnerable to theft. 

Employee Recognition 

Video footage helps managers see when employees are friendly, helpful, or going above and beyond what’s expected of them. In fact, some stores use video surveillance to help them choose their “employee of the month,” or in determining merit increases. (A DIGIOP customer used camera footage to reward employees who were actively trying to promote upsells). 

Better Management, More Insights

Video review can help you see what’s happening in your store, but often, it’s hard to find time for this important task. With DIGIOP business intelligence software, you can reduce your daily transaction review time to about 20 minutes. Our software packages the transactions you want to see with accompanying video – just click on the video to open it, and zoom in for details. 
DIGIOP gives you the tools you need to improve store operations. With our simple interface and customizable reporting features, you can quickly access the information you need. Just take a look at our ROI calculator to see what DIGIOP could do for you.