Creating a Better Customer Experience to Increase Sales

Business owners and managers seeking ways to increase sales would be wise to focus on creating a better customer experience.

At a time when consumers have more options than ever before, offering an experience that’s enjoyable, interesting, or even exciting is a way to encourage them to set foot in your business and return again and again.

In addition, companies that develop reputations for offering exceptional customer service typically see reductions in shoplifting, because customers feel a stronger connection.

Build a Better Customer Experience Through Data

You can guess at what you think your customers will like, but it’s far more effective to make the effort to learn more about your customers and determine what they want from you.

Today’s abundance of data gives you access to an amazing amount of insight into:

  • who your customers are
  • where they live
  • where they prefer to do business
  • what their expectations are
  • how they see themselves

One technique businesses can use to connect with customers is developing personas, which are profiles of fictional individuals who represent specific customer segments.

Instead of thinking of customers as one large group, personas provide a way to view new products, programs, or services through the eyes of these key segments. Analyzing your POS data can provide insight into customer behavior.

Focus on Your Employees

How your employees interact with customers will determine whether those customers feel valued and are likely to return, which is why focusing on employee training and attitudes is a critical component of developing a better customer experience.

Today’s customer is accustomed to getting what they need quickly. They expect to be served immediately, and when they’re ready to pay, they don’t want to be delayed.

Here again, POS data can be helpful. If your POS system allows you to analyze the speed of service, you can seek opportunities to become more responsive and streamline the checkout process. You can identify employees who fall short of your standards and give them additional coaching or training.

Create Customer Confidence

Once customers have chosen to do business with you, reinforce their decision and encourage their loyalty by maintaining a high level of service. In addition, a generous loyalty program can increase repeat visits and translate into larger sales.

Ensure customers feel confident about their purchases, which might include everything from a strong guarantee program to a hassle-free returns process. By demonstrating you take their needs seriously, you’ll reinforce their loyalty.


Always Keep Improving

Creating a better customer experience isn’t a one-time effort. Continue to analyze your data and schedule promotions and other activities when they best suit your customers’ lifestyles and needs. Watch for emerging trends in their behavior, adapt your processes accordingly, and you’ll be more likely to keep their business for the long term.

The right tools will help you maintain that customer experience. For example, DIGIOP CARBON can work with your POS system to assess employee performance. To see how, contact us to schedule a DEMO today!

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